Information for employees

A personal account is a space where each employee can get information about payroll.
For operational tracking of financial statements.
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For operational tracking of financial statements.

A personal account

is a space where each employee can get information about payroll. Our company stands for transparency in working with employees, appreciates their time, so this software is designed to simplify interaction.
For operational tracking of financial statements, minimizing contacts and bureaucracy, now each employee can go to his office and find out all the information he is interested in about wages.

Occupational Safety and Health
Our company prioritizes not only transparent interaction in financial matters, but, first of all, the safety of employees and the creation of appropriate working conditions in production. In turn, we require employees to strictly follow the rules for their own safety.
Safety rules are our basic tenets that must work in production. They will not only help prevent accidents, but they can also save lives and keep health.
“Cardinal Rules” developed by Metinvest in such a way that they are relevant for all industrial enterprises.


  1. Being on the territory of the enterprise in a state of alcoholic / drug intoxication.
  2. Intentional damage, removal, disabling of protective devices and fences with subsequent entry behind the protective fences, into the designated danger zone.
  3. Unauthorized use or removal of locking devices and / or tag keys.
  4. Assignment of work, the performance of which obviously implies a violation of the Cardinal Rules.
  5. Deliberately concealing the fact of an accident of any level of severity or injury with temporary disability.
  6. Passage and finding between railway cars and special rolling stock.
  7. Being in gas hazardous places 1, 2 groups without sampling the air and gas protection equipment.
  8. Work at height without the use of fall protection equipment.
  9. Moving loads by cranes in the area where people are.
  10. The use of mobile phones, audio devices when operating mechanisms.