We make dreams come true, filling each individual element with a single meaning and common goal, which leads to transformations into new, unique solutions.
Our services
Our specialization

We offer you a full range of turnkey industrial construction services - from the development of an idea, further design, construction, process management, and to the commissioning of the facility.

Labor protection and ecology
The main value of the company is its people, its employees, therefore the company pays great attention to the issue of labor protection and production safety.
BIM modeling
The BIM ALD MODEL strategy developed by the company allows you to get significant benefits from the use of information modelling tools and techniques.
Industrial engineering
Mostly the projects of the ALD Engineering and Construction company are industrial construction objects created for industrial giants located in different cities of Ukraine.
Logistics and special equipment
At the facilities of the company "ALD Engineering and Construction", constant control of the supply of materials, their quality, the process of unloading and loading and other processes is carried out.
Own concrete production
We are 100% confident in the quality of our products, so we sell them to other customers. A quality certificate is issued for the products shipped.
ALD Engineering and Construction implements its own automation software products - from tracking the supply and shipment of materials to monitoring the health of employees.