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Clarity of warehouse accounting helps to avoid risks for the enterprise

Many different building materials, bricks, concrete, general chaos on the construction site - these are the results of a survey that we conducted among сasual friends, asking what associations they have with the word "construction". Chaos really takes place on the site without a normally organized order in the workplace.

In order to prevent chaos in our company, we decided to organize stock control. We preferred an automated process. This allows you to put things in order, both in the warehouse and in the documentation, ensures the transparency of all processes and allows you to conduct a business process with a profit.

We do not get tired of repeating how important and effective a properly organized stock control is in work. To show that in our company words do not differ from deeds, for convenience, efficiency and speed of data transfer, our IT specialists have developed their own product - the DYNAMIC STORAGE program. It automates stock control, the procurement process and the order of special equipment, and most importantly, it provides communication between the office and the construction site on-line at all its stages.

To avoid losses and increase the profit of the enterprise, it is important to control receipts and movement within the warehouse, as well as all payments for it. The stock control program makes it possible to always be aware of how many goods are in your warehouses and what exactly is on the way.

For mobility and data transfer speed, we have developed a mobile version of the program. Through an application on a mobile phone, you can track what is happening in warehouses, even if they are located in different cities.

In the process of entering stock control data, specialists from different departments are involved, and each performs its own functions. First, an application for the purchase of goods is made, in which the recommended delivery time is prescribed. Logisticians take this product to the warehouse, and the documents are transferred to the accounting department, where the data is loaded into the 1C system. It is very important that such control allows us to track the movement of goods; we clearly see when the goods arrived at the warehouse, who received them, whether there are any defects, we accept the goods or, in case of any defects, we make a return and when we write it off for work. As a result, the process becomes more automated, which means it eliminates errors.

A person can read all the data through a simple mobile on which the program is installed and through the application go to the menu.

More recently, we've started considering technique in this app. Thanks to this, it became easier for us to keep records. Automation allows you not to fill out several registers at once in different areas. There is a single register, which is formed online. By opening this section of the program, you can see how much and what equipment is working at a particular facility, what equipment is ordered, how many applications are in progress and understand if there are any difficulties. These data allow carrying out analytical calculations and planning the work of project managers.

The most important thing that stock control gives us is control over the movement of goods and vehicles at all stages of work. We receive complete information online, which means we can quickly plan the purchase of goods and materials, as well as place an order for equipment. Such an accounting system allows you to organize the work of a construction company clearly and without chaos, plan and rationally use funds. As a result, work efficiency is improved.