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DYNAMIC STORAGE: business automation and process control

Progress and saving time are important for efficient work and business development

Taking into consideration these nuances, it is easy to understand why it is necessary to choose software for the implementation of a business process, including in the construction industry.

A company that does not organize its business processes deprives itself of the opportunity to develop. And even promising enterprises with such approach can be doomed to curtail activities. Difficulties begin to arise gradually. We know this from our own experience, because when our company showed serious growth in a year and a half of existence, we realized that we were losing control over certain production processes. First of all, this affected procurement - in construction, it is necessary to clearly regulate all deliveries, maintain a stock record, indicate the write-off of materials on time, etc. Since the activities of our company are carried out in different parts of Ukraine, the construction sites are located far from the main office; there was no constant communication that should be provided. And there was an urgent need for this connection to ensure that all processes are clearly displayed online and are available, both on the construction site and in the accounting and supply departments.

It should be noted that in the construction industry it is rather difficult to choose a ready-made software product for process control. It is simply not available, because all companies are different and require an individual approach to management. Therefore, the company "ALD Engineering and Construction", on the initiative of the General Director, has developed its own procurement management system. This program through the application in the phone transmits data to the accounting department online. The program was created using the tools that the IT service of the company has. Also, in the creation of the software product all structural divisions of the company which are participated in each stage of the business process were involved.

The DYNAMIC STORAGE program developed by our company is software that automates the process of purchasing and ordering special equipment, and most importantly, provides an online connection between the office and the construction site at all its stages. Optimization helps to get away from loading workers with mechanical actions. The program itself performs part of the systematic functions, providing employees with accurate data.

The main point is the control over all processes. Today, in view of the coronavirus pandemic, it is especially important to constantly keep in touch online. And the software allows this to the full, that is especially important when the company is located in one city, the engineerable object is in another, and deliveries are made from all over the country.

The product that we got as a result is the DYNAMIC STORAGE program. This is a Ukrainian product based on the realities of doing business in Ukraine, in compliance with all the features of the document management in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

The program includes management of accounting and company resources, we simplify cooperation with contractors located in different regions. This helps us to keep in touch in the mode 24/7 and quickly resolve all issues, thereby increasing productivity.

Automation, developed and implemented by our company, takes into account the specifics of each company, allows implementing individual cases for other companies. And this is our main advantage, because there are no two identical companies.

As a result, using the functionality of the software, enterprises can automate processes, track and control budgets, allocated resources, expenses, forecasts and business processes within the organization and throughout the supply chain. When all these features are combined, the company begins to move to a new level of development, thereby bringing greater profits.

Automation solutions are designed to eliminate inefficiencies and provide companies with a competitive advantage.


DYNAMIC STORAGE software provides:

  • operational management of warehouse business processes, such as topology, commodity nomenclature;
  • control of warehouse operations to increase the turnover of warehouse resources;
  • automated warehouse inventory accounting solves the organizational and technological problems of warehouse management.

The effect of the introduction of the system:

  • reducing the level of surpluses by 35-60%;
  • improving the efficiency of employees working with orders and stocks;
  • better control of stocks and inventory, reduction of losses;
  • increasing the speed of work with goods and materials;
  • speed increase in execution of orders and growth of customer loyalty.