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Employee search is a responsible task and contribution to the ALD company’s development

Employees are the main value of ALD Engineering and Construction. It depends on each of us how well our projects will be implemented.

Vacancies in any company mean that the company lives and develops. Up-to-date, ALD plans to recruit 60 vacancies by the end of the year. We understand that jobs provide workers with stable wages and full social package. It also replenishes the budget of the entire city for all socially significant items of expenditures in Zaporozhye city.

ALD Engineering and Construction company works as a single mechanism, so our employees must perform their job efficiently and be ready for development. HR-managers of ALD are searching for people with such qualities. Alexander Kindyakov, HR Director, spoke about vacancies available today, what they pay attention to when hiring and what problems they face.

- The company currently employs about 280 people. Our company is actively developing. We grasp the nettle, move our own bar upwards. For this reason, we need to enlarge human resources. We plan to hire about 60 vacancies by the end of the year. It enables to master larger production volumes, to implement our plans.

For the moment, there are vacancies to be filled as structural steel erectors, electric and gas welders, concrete workers, truck crane operators, designers, construction estimators, supervision engineers, etc.

- Where do you search for people?

- Search is carried out at almost all resources available. These are Internet platforms, recruitment sites, social networks, employment services, etc. This year, we work actively with educational institutions that train specialized specialists. We plan to expand this activity. Our company is confident that cooperation with schools will benefit in the future. After all, the graduation of professional specialists and their employment are the main resource for economic growth followed by improving the quality of the people’s lives.

- Why is it important to cooperate with technical vocational schools?

- Today, Zaporozhye, as well as all over Ukraine, faces a number of problems in the field of vocational education. First of all, it is a crisis in the blue-collar market due personnel lack.

Young specialists often go abroad, as job seems to be with better prospects or well paid. But in fact, many people face a number of problems. Therefore, it is important to give a lead of decent job in Zaporozhye to young professionals. The main thing is to prove yourself and not be afraid of study.

We actively invite graduates of vocational schools to work. We guarantee official employment, full social package and stable salary, as well as the possibility of further development. One can get blue-collar profession, work officially, get a second education and branch out further in the construction sphere.

Today, young specialists need to be attracted and motivated to the profession. One of the opportunities is to show and prove themselves during practice. We accept future specialists for practice with remuneration. We are ready to hire guys who acquit themselves well. For our part, we are ready to act as mentors for young professionals, to help, to devote time to their development.

At the moment, 7 students from a construction college are interning at the company. We have employed these guys, they received the minimal salary and carry out an internship program. It is an opportunity to gain important experience for them and look at the construction profession from the inside. The most important is to approve themselves in order to get a permanent job.

- What problems do you have to face when searching for blue-collar jobs?

-  It is particular specialties with work experience. For example, we need truck crane drivers. It takes time and more than one year to master this specialty. We need highly qualified personnel for these vacancies, because one need to work on cranes with a lifting capacity exceeding 20 tons. It is the 6th labor grade. Experienced people are required. They should be searched.  

- What vacancy was the most difficult to hire?

- We required geodesist. We have been looking for these specialists for a very long time. Generally, there are a few of them in Zaporozhye. The search took more than 3 months. The vacancies are hired for the moment. It confirms difficulties of hiring, but there is nothing impossible.

 - How do you "attract" people, what are your advantages for an experienced worker?

 - Our advantage at the market is a decent salary competitive with other enterprises. We provide medical insurance from worldwide company. We guarantee official employment, stable salary and the possibility of career growth. Our employees understand they work officially, receive officially shown salary with all taxes including pension tax.

- Why does it happen that a person isn’t up to the job at the interview?

- Unfortunately, it comes around. Occasionally, applicants make their CVs in a way that does not comply with the real life.

We post a vacancy and start looking for employees after we received an application from any of our departments. When a response is received for this application, we either have found an applicant or we call the person, clarify the main issues according to the application and invite for an interview. An applicant meets directly the customer at interview; he goes directly to the customer. It means to the head of one department.

They conduct a professional interview in order to understand exactly the abilities, knowledges and actual experience the candidate obtains. It happens sometimes that the information in the CV doesn’t correspond to reality or doesn’t fully correspond. Candidates can sometimes take credit for virtues and skills that they do not possess. Such interviews determine the qualifications of the applicant.

- If the interview is successfully passed, what conditions do you accept the candidate?

- If the person has proven himself worthy during the interview and we also comply with his requests, then we hire such an employee for trial period of three months with a salary according to the personnel chart. He is paid a salary during this period. We assess his abilities more substantively at the workplace. This period shows us if a person suits us from a professional point of view, if he copes with his duties, as well as how he gets along with the team. Atmosphere in the team is very important at the moment. It is fundamentally important that everyone works for one goal in the team. There should be no disbalance.

- What can you recommend to people who want to work in your company?

- They should come, learn about vacancies and try. People are an indicator of the company’s development. We are developing and open to cooperation.

Our company already has a certain positive brand image in the labor market. It happens that applicants come to us asking about vacancies. But more often, we also have to search in order to get decent personnel. We are ready for this search.